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Myofascial Blog

Brief History of IASTM (instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
Massage aides are an intuitive extension of the human hand recognized by nearly all cultures over a vast range of historical periods. Gua Sha tools and Asian medicine “cups” go back hundreds even thousands of years. T-Bars, Trigger Point tools, and roller massage tools have become common in the West for over 50 years.
Treating Fascia with Myofascial IASTM tools or Traditional Hand Contacts?
There are hands on “purists” out there that believe nothing is better than traditional hand contacts for myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Active Release Technique™, Orthopedic Massage, Structural Integration™ and/or Fascial Manipulation™. Well, they are right- the thumb, finger, palm, forearm, and...
Soft Tissue Therapy with IASTM Tools, What’s the Big Deal?
Manual therapy takes time and is hard work, right? But, practitioners who spend even a little bit of time on key myofascial points will often see tremendously improved results. In my experience even 3-5 minutes of soft tissue therapy is the key to unlocking a faster recovery, and making your treatment plan a success.
The Entity Formerly Known as the Trigger Point – The Semantics Problem in Manual Therapy.
I’m going to get a little philosophical. I really dislike naysayers- the ones you read or hear at a seminar making statements like, Trigger Points don’t exist or fascia cannot be released. I’ve heard establishment clinicians’ claim that the success of hands-on therapies are due solely to placebo. As a chiropractor, I’ve heard for years...
Myofascial Tools for Soft Tissue Therapy, Why Design and Quality Matter.
I hear it all- and field hundreds of questions about instrument assisted therapies every month (by the way don’t be afraid to contact me if you have one). A common theme is a practitioner overwhelmed by the available choices for IASTM instruments. With 25+ popular brands, confusing terminology, and prices ranging...