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       School Faculty, CEU Educators, and Athletic organizations can benefit from IASTM education modules free from proprietary restrictions.   Please feel free to use the IASTM primer as a "plug-in" module for coursework or educational segment.   Although we do feature our profiles, the text is "neutral" and can be applied to IASTM in general.

Permission is given to distribute content in the Primer as long as it cited as: Hajzl, MW (2015) IASTM Primer. www.myobar.com.

Dr. Matthew Hajzl is available to review course content and/or help design an IASTM segment for your program.   IASTM modules do not need to be complicated- some times they are included to show an improved approach for a singe condition or anatomical region.   If you think your program could benefit and could use some direction, don't hesitate to contact us.

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