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IASTM Tools & Sets

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    There are a lot of people interested in IASTM myofascial tools.  We've designed tools & sets tailored to just about every possible segment of interest and price range because we want our customers to have the combinations they need for their practice.  On one hand this gives you a lot of choices.  On the other, it can be a little overwhelming knowing which tools work best for you.  We recommend viewing Tools & Sets by Category.  Also, you can check out our Manuals & Resources Page for guidance and please don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions during your selection process.

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Complete Practice Solutions
Complete Practice Solutions Treat a Wide Range of Myofascial Conditions & Sports Injuries If you treat a wide range of myofascial[...]
G+ Series Store
The G+ Series cuts the redundancy of the "Standard 6" tools, to give you all 6 traditional profiles in 3[...]
Sports Medicine Sets
Sports Medicine Sets include the “M” tool which is perfect for training/competition recovery- usually longer/lighter strokes toward the heart to[...]
Individual Tools / Make Your Own Set
Some practitioners already have some IASTM tools & seek to add a certain sized tool or specialty tool. You can[...]
Self Treatment Myofascial Pain
The Myo-Bar Element and Self-Care No. 1 Set are great for self treatment. Working on trigger points on a more[...]
Gua Sha Fusion
Beautifully profiled after an ancient design, but finished to a medical standard shine for smooth application and cleanliness. Because so[...]
Runners / Athletes
Our "Sport" tool and the Self-Care Set No. 2 are perfect options for athletes. Routine tool assisted soft tissue self[...]
Student Options
The Myo-Bar Basic 3 in 1 gives you convexity, concavity, and prow profiles (normally found in 3 separate Graston analog[...]
Hospital Clinics / Athletic Organizations
If you treat a wide range of myofascial conditions and sports injuries in a clinic or private practice setting we[...]
Recent Graduates / Intro Healing Edge Sets
If you looking to get started with IASTM with the most functional designs you can save some money by ordering[...]
Professional Schools Seminar Companies
Myo-Bar offers a streamlined “3 in 1” Basic Tool with a medium sized concavity & convexity, focus prow, and non-slip[...]