IASTM Sets for

Gua Sha

IASTM Tools for

Gua Sha

1.  Practitioners are now "fusing” IASTM techniques from East and WestOur Gua Sha sets include IASTM Trigger Point and traditional Whale tools.

2.  The Gua Sha “Whale” Tool stays true to one of the most recognizable profiles often seen in traditional tools, while Giving the Practitioner the High Level Surface Finish and Easy Sanitization of Surgical Stainless Steel.

3.  The Added Tools Make Available Other Rationales Like Cross Friction, Trigger Point Therapy, And Deep Fascial Release.  Which Are Also Helpful Ways To Treat Acupuncture Points And Meridians.

4.  Tools are Inspired by Years of Feedback & Testing to determine the best IASTM approach, resulting in The Most Comprehensive IASTM Gua Sha Sets Available.

1.  Practitioners are now "fusing” IASTM techniques from East and West.  From an energy medicine point of view you can feel chi blockage/stagnation in the meridians.

2.  The Gua Sha “Whale” Tool stays true to one of the most recognizable profiles in traditional tools, while Giving the Practitioner a High Level Surface Finish & Easy Sanitization of Surgical Stainless Steel... Read more

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Myo-Bar is Leading the way in the Revolution of IASTM Instruments, here's how..

  • Largest Variety of IASTM Instruments Worldwide to treat a wide range of Anatomy.
  • New Designs based on anatomical scale and the Latest Clinical Approaches, eliminating redundancy.
  • Competitively Priced Instruments which saves on your wallet.

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  • Ergonomics and easy to hold.  These instruments are comfortable to hold during your practice and the scalloped grips wont let them slide out of your hands.
  • Top Quality Material and Craftsmanship.  Each Instrument is individually Handcrafted from Solid Surgical Grade 304 Stainless Steel, unlike most which are molded or welded together.  
  • Every Instrument is Transition Finished for an all-around extra smooth surface.  Nearly all of our competitors have a finished coating or plating that will wear off over time.
  • Tools are easily sanitized.  Some name brand tools have textured cross-hatch gripping which is not easily sanitized from patient to patient.   This hatching is not necessary with finger scallops, which allows fine control, easy mobility, and sanitary cleaning.
  • No courses or certifications are necessary.  We strongly believe that anyone practicing IASTM should have the freedom to evolve the technique without proprietary limitations.   IASTM is not only for clinicians, it is for athletes, self-care patients, students, and educators as well.
  • Free Shipping on all Tools and Sets domestically and internationally.