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Add an IASTM Segment to Your Syllabus

A short segment on IASTM will make a big difference

Larry Meiler, on Wisconsin Public Radio hosts physical therapist educators every month for a call in show.   His guests are top-notch- answering rehab questions about sports injuries, post surgical rehab, and your typical myofascial overexertion injuries.   For just about every call-in, I agree with the recommendations… but, think, outcomes could be just that much quicker or recovery improved (for those callers not fully recovered after a therapy regimen) with the addition of a short course of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization.

The problem is, most Physical Therapy and Chiropractic (the two largest myofascial care provider groups) schools gloss over soft tissue therapies, and do not give much attention to specific techniques like IASTM.

if you are an educator, you can change that.   Either in professional school coursework or in postgraduate seminar work, IASTM can be an excellent hands-on treatment segment to teach.   All the background, science, applied theory, and practical protocols are found within our Technique Primer PDF.   As long as you properly cite my Primer, you can use all or any part of it for educational purposes.   And, as I note in the introduction, I mandate no brand exclusivity for IASTM instruments.   IASTM is an academic, non-proprietary adjunct soft tissue technique free for development and evolution within the greater umbrella of manual therapy.

Current IASTM Research

Your students can achieve clinical success with IASTM

Have there been placebo controlled RCT’s for IASTM specifically in the treatment of myofascial conditions?   No.   But, please keep in mind that this level of academic energy and financial investment in research is not available for most health care interventions- surgeries, off label drug therapy, sports training regimens, behavioral therapies, nutritional therapies, etc.  High level research is great, but often great advances in health care precede the studies that justify its efficacy.

That said, IASTM is just one of many soft tissue therapies that ultimately achieve clinical success based on the same physiological mechanisms of action.   It terms of current research there has been a quantum leap in collaboration and original research by contributors and associates of the World Fascial Congress.   If you require the utmost in scientific backing, please refer to the the Feature Articles Page where you may download many important articles with the latest IASTM research.

Instrument Options for Educators

These Instruments are used in courses worldwide

When you have embraced myofascial work as an important component of modern physical medicine, you will want to consider teaching IASTM as part of your soft tissue coursework for the following reasons:

  1.  Instruments ease delivery of soft tissue therapy for the practitioner
  2.  Instruments focus mechanical forces on smaller anatomical targets
  3.  Instrument allow a unique palpation of soft tissue topography

But, which instruments to choose?   And, can our program afford them?   Myo-Bar offers a streamlined tool cased the Basic “3 in 1” with a medium sized concavity & convexity, focus prow, and non-slip grip for as low as $55ea.   Paired with the Free Primer Download, all students in the class or seminar can participate in an IASTM learning segment for less than the cost of a textbook.   I can also recommend various sets for more advanced skills lab/ hands on work that are still highly cost effective.   As always, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Me for help fine tuning an IASTM addition to your current syllabus.