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“High-End” Stainless Steel Gua Sha Tool Sets / Guasha Tools are an Essential Component in both TCM & Western Manual Therapy Practice

There are still adherents of traditional folk technique that recommend coin edges, jade, horn, and the lid of your Vicks Vapo-Rub jar as Gua Sha tool sets.   For home care this is perfectly acceptable. However when performing as a modern health care practitioner, polished stainless steel edges are worth the investment for better “feel” of the tissues, durability, and obviously sanitization.

Medical Grade 304 Stainless – “Whale” Gua Sha Tool

The stainless steel gua sha tool above was inspired by a timeless design seen perennially in ancient tool artifacts.   Modern improvements in the design include finger hollows/scallops for ergonomic handling and ultra polished edges.   It has the right sized edge radius for following Folk Medicine protocols, but can also be used for Western soft tissue approaches.

No matter what your particular philosophy, your patients will benefit from treatment of fibrous tissue, trigger points, & fascial densification.   With ease and accuracy-  you can actually “feel resonance” as the edges ride along the skin and give valuable information about the tissue topography and possible myofascial dysfunction in the layers below.   From an energy medicine point of view you can “feel” chi blockage/stagnation in the meridians.

Eastern & Western Rationales for Gua Sha Tool use are becoming integrated. Listen to what these authors say about dry needling & acupuncture points.

With the research of Helen Langavin, and Luigi Stecco the sharp lines between Eastern energy medicine and Western science are being blurred.   Fascia may be the missing structure involved in the success of diagnosis and treatment with meridians.   Dr. Langavin has created landmark studies showing that dry needling signals healing changes to the both the visceral and myofascial systems via microtubule force transmission in the fascia.

Dr. Stecco takes a different approach- his theories involve explaining acupuncture points as intersections of fascial layers central to movement in one or more planes of motion.   Painful or blocked “energy” in the points may be thickening of hyaluronic acid (HA) within the ground substance.   Reducing the viscosity of HA in the system can be achieved with acupuncture, but (maybe even more so) with focused manual therapy like guasha or trigger point therapy.

If you are a practitioner apt to integrate many approaches like use of Gua Sha Tools or trigger point work check out these “Fusion” stainless steel Gua Sha Tool Sets.

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Trigger Point Therapy / Acupressure Point Stimulation & Gua Sha is a natural pairing.     The “Apprentice” set is a nice upgrade for clinical practice over less durable or sanitary tool materials.

For those who want further integration with IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) this Master GS Fusion Set gives you an incredible range or profiles and edges.   Included here is a myofascial bar for effortless deep work in low back, thigh, & leg.   The Healing Edge IASTM tool is perfect for treating small ligament/tendon issues and has a “hook” that can be used as a point stimulator.

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If your interest has been piqued in upgrading to a stainless steel gua sha tool set / guasha tool set there is a TON more info/video on instruments, choosing tools, and myofascial IASTM technique to find on the Myo-Bar website.   Although leaning more toward the Western approach with tools (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), the reality is techniques are very similar to Eastern approaches- its just the language that is different. Here are some jumping off points for you:

· Research Articles- We have PDF copies available of Dr. Langavin's and Dr. Steccos key articles.   A must read for all hands-on practitioners.

· IASTM Primer- get to know the state of the art in application of edge tools from the Western point of view.

· Current Promotions- Click on "View Details" of the set you're interested in and go to the Promotions tab to find out if we have any specials going on now for the GS Fusion or other myofascial tool sets.