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I receive emails from students regularly with two primary questions- what tools should I start with, and do you offer a student discount?

First, you can certainly start learning IASTM with a single tool (we usually recommend a "M" sized tool for the most versatility).   And, we do offer a special deal with the Myo-Bar Sport and Sport/Original Myo-Bar Combo.   You can purchase x2 the tool or set for a 20% discount (find a friend to go in with).

And, for a period two years you can trade up these tools for any other Myo-Bar set and receive the full price you paid applied to the new purchase- essentially you can use them for free if you upgrade to any of the sets in the future, with no pressure to invest in a more expensive set now.

Another common question involves learning Technique and confusing IASTM with Graston Technique™ or AYSTM™ soft tissue therapy.   You can learn IASTM with any independent brand of tool and apply that to many soft tissue approaches.   These are described extensively in the Primer.   However, you cannot call your therapy Graston Technique™ unless you have taken their proprietary training and purchased their brand instruments.   That said, there are some strange misconceptions at many professional schools that you will invoke legal doom by practicing IASTM with an alternative instrument brand.   What?   Not true at all.

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