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Learning IASTM in School

IASTM will bring success to your practice

& positive outcomes for your patients

If soft tissue therapy is part of your curriculum, you are lucky.   If it is an elective- take it!  If not, join (or start) a soft tissue student club on campus.   I guarantee that if you learn to palpate the soft tissues, then direct appropriate treatments to them, you will tremendously increase your success as a future practitioner.

Students often ask me which IASTM tools are the “best.”   I often reply that even the best tool is only as good as the treatment plan it’s being used for.   In school, the “best” tool is one that gives you a quality finish, versatile profile, and modest price.   There is no need to purchase the most expensive set of instruments when you are in school.   My advise is to look at our Basic 3 in 1 (which you can trade up later).   Or, purchase one of the premium “M” medium tools, for which the rest of a complete set can be added later.

Student Resources

You are can download our free 45-page IASTM Primer.   After that, download our featured Research & Technique Articles folder.   If you make it through those, you’ll know more about soft tissue than most clinicians in practice.   I highly recommend purchasing the Fascial Manipulation text by Luigi Stecco and the Anatomy Trains text by Thomas Meyers.  These texts, more than any others, give you a comprehensive protocol for ASSESSMENT of the myofascial system that is is leap years ahead of the “one joint at a time” approach still prevalent in health care education.

Basic 3 in 1 Tool & Future Trade-Up Options

Save money & use the class discount, keep your tool for a trade-up later on.

When bought in multiples of 4, the Basic 3 in 1 tool will cost you only $55 (view under the Promotions tab).   It is easy to hold with a non-slip grip and offers you the essential profiles of prow, convexity, and concavity on a medium scale.   No need to feel like you have to sacrifice quality, though.   And, when you are ready for more versatility in a complete set later when you start practice, you can trade up the 3 in 1 and be reimbursed the full price you paid for it.

Before continuing, don't forget to bookmark this IASTM Athlete's page to easily access information later... and would you think about sharing this page with your friends?   Below you will find links to see the athlete self care options. Also feel free to check out the Professional Sports Medicine Sets.

Student Discounts

Some students, nearing graduation, are already preparing for practice and have inquired about a student discount on one of our many clinic sets.   Sometimes we run promotions for students and recent grads (2 years after graduation), offering our tools at a discounted price.   Please E-mail Us to see if we have any current promotions for the Tool and/or Set you are interested in.