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The Trigger Point Tool & Trigger Point Therapy has Evolved Considerably.

Get Updated on New Approaches & Find out how Stainless Steel Myofascial Tools can Improve Soft Tissue Pain Syndromes.

This Myo-Bar* Trigger Point Tool is a “High-end” alternative to plastic massage tools.   Is it worth $60 more than the myriad of $15 massage tools available elsewhere?   If you perform routine self care or are in a soft tissue healing profession, the answer is absolutely- Yes!   Stainless Steel has a unique physical property in that its “stiffness”and “smoothness” allow for improved palpation.   You can treat fibrous tissue, trigger points, & fascial densification with better ease and accuracy, because you can feel the “resonance” of the polished stainless steel treatment surface riding along the skin- giving valuable information about the tissue topography and possible myofascial dysfunctions.

Stainless Steel Trigger Point Tool

The resonance phenomenon alone is worth the investment.   But there is one more key benefit when treating.   The coefficient of friction of polished stainless steel is totally different than plastic massage tools.   It has just the right amount of “glide” to be used on the skin WITHOUT oil/emollient.   And, it has enough “grab” to allow controlled therapeutic strokes (for physical therapists, osteopaths, or chiropractors this same surface property allows equally effective treatment of trigger points through the cloths).   Check out this Short (2 minute) demo to see what I’m talking about.

The Trigger Point Tool is one of several stainless steel instruments we manufacture for the manual therapy profession.   Tap or Click below to get a $15 discount code for a single TrP tool purchase.   If you want to see more on the Trigger Point tool you can go to the purchase page.   Or, if your interest is piqued in other possibilities/techniques a good place to start learning on our main website is the Gua Sha Fusion page.   This page highlights tool sets that include the Trigger Point Tool and/or Gua Sha* tool or Myofascial Bar.

(Gua Sha is an Asian Folk massage technique that makes use of edge tools for manual therapy.   Often these classic techniques are mixed with scientific Western approaches in the form of IASTM or instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)

Trigger Point Tool - Trigger Point Therapy - Myo-Bar IASTM
Trigger Point Tool - Trigger Point Therapy - Myo-Bar IASTM

*Myo-Bar LLC is an American company owned by a clinician with 15 years experience designing myofascial tools… and treating his patients with them.   Our prices are “so good” because we built our own small scale stainless steel fabrication shop where we’re in complete control of quality, and can also sell direct without sales rep or catalog mark-ups.   Our Trigger Point Tools are made from medical grade stainless steel and come with a 45 day money-back guarantee and a 7 year warranty.   Yes, we ship Globally- in fact we offer free international shipping on many sets.